DUX believes that students should explore and evolve their talents and interests at an early age to develop a better sense of themselves today and who they want to be in the future.  We work with parents and students as early as 10 years old to holistically evaluate each student and create an actionable plan to meet personal and academic objectives.  We offer the following services:

  • DUX Jr Evaluation – We provide a series of academic and personality tests to evaluate the student and report his/her college readiness profile.  DUX consultants are certified in MMTIC and MBTI type testing to provide a professional opinion on each student’s psychological type and learning style.
  • Summer/Winter Program Planning – We help families plan winter and summer programs during school vacation periods to maximize productivity and deepen each student’s talents and capabilities.
  • Talent Identification Programs – We will test exceptionally gifted students and determine the best programs to challenge and expand knowledge and experiences.